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Shawn Silver


The Advertiser July 23 2007
Dave Newell

News:: »
Longtime volunteer named citizen of the year
Citizen of the Year Bob Lewis (second from right) is pictured with Artie Daye, one of the judges for the award; Mayor Rex Barnes; and Wendy Houlihan, editor of the Advertiser. 
David Newell photo
It was a big night for one local volunteer.

Bob Lewis was named the 2006 citizen of the year, for Grand Falls-Windsor for his contribution to the community. The award is co-sponsored by the town and the Advertiser.
Amanda Thompson, facilitator of the campaign Safer Healthcare Now, with Central Health, and Ted Dawe, director of pharmacy, along with several other hospital personnel, are championing a program called Medication Recognition that urges everyone to have an up-to-date list of medications they are taking with them at all times.
Wendy Houlihan photo
According to the Central Health Authority, 50 per cent of people who visit the emergency room in Grand Falls-Windsor have no idea what medications they take, the proper dosages, or what they may even do.
Actor lands lead in Smallville spin-off
Laura Vandervoort, granddaughter of local hockey legend Fred Sanger, has been cast as Kara, Clark Kent’s cousin, in the television show Supergirl, which is a spin-off from Smallville.
An actor with a connection to the central region of the province has landed herself the lead role in a spin-off from a popular television show.
Yard sale generates big money for Ukraine orphans
Five year-old Noah Cooke was one of the many kids enjoying a hot dog that organizers sold outside the school during the yard sale to raise money for Ukrainian orphans.
Orphans living in an eastern European country will be the benefactors of the generosity of people from the central region of the province.
Twenty-seven students and adults visited each of the Exploits Valley’s 13 heritage sites, including the Bishop’s Falls Heritage Center, as a part of this year’s FAMTour.
While it might not be an international vacation, it’s a good idea to have a passport when visiting the Exploits Valley this summer.
Editorial:: »
Save your butts
Picture yourself stopped for a red light on Airport Boulevard or any set of traffic lights in the province, for that matter.
Sports:: »
Tulk recognized for perseverance, dedication and achievement
Jack Murphy Athletic Achievement Award winner Craig Tulk accepts the award from Murphy’s sister, Bride Barrow, and Grand Falls-Windsor recreation committee chairman Jim Courtney and Mayor Rex Barnes.
The award was not being given out for having more hardware than anyone else. It was about perseverance, dedication and prominence in sport.
Grand Falls-Windsor bicyclist Mark Griffin will take part again this year in the Tour de Shore 123 km road race on the province’s southern shore. Meeting him at the finish line will be daughters Maria, Eva and Laura.
David Newell photo
Don’t let the relaxing name fool you.

The second annual Tour de Shore cycling race will take place on the southern Avalon Peninsula on Sept. 1-2. It is anything but a leisurely roll through the Irish Loop.
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Watching from the Break

Free kicks and lancers
David Newell
David Newell
The Advertiser

It turns out that soccer players could learn a thing or two from Irish dancers.

After I attended the salmon dinner on Thursday night I retired to my living room to wind down with a bit of Under 20 World Cup soccer.

I was able to stay awake for about 10 minutes, so I went to bed before the game went down hill. And it went way downhill.

Chile vs. Argentina was bound to be a spirited match, with the two South American teams fighting to continue in the tournament and representing the age-old battle between the big guy and the little challenger.

Argentina is used to winning soccer tournaments, but Chile had something to prove. Their adrenaline got the better of them, since they finished the match with only nine players on the field. Two had been sent off with red cards, and the referee has flashed so much yellow to them one might have thought the sun had come out at night in Toronto.

After the game was over, it got even worse.

Chilean players had to be subdued by police tasers as they boarded the team bus after the match. FIFA officials were in a tizzy all night trying to sort out the mess with the handcuffed young men wondering what went on.

It is indeed unfortunate soccer has been marred by another incident like this. You would think that after running around the pitch for 90 minutes they would not have the energy left to cause a ruckus.

These young soccer players are about in the best cardiovascular condition I have ever seen. With the exception of Irish dancers.

After finishing a wonderful meal and enjoying some great conversation with my tablemates at the festival diner, it was time to take a few pictures of the evening’s events. Before the speeches and the awards, Shawn Silver’s Irish Dancers were set to go.

We have all seen Riverdance at least on television, and thought, “Gee, that looks like it is hard to do.” Well, Thursday night, I watched it live, and my head is still reeling.

It was hot in the stadium. So hot, in fact, that the perspiration running from my bald head was very bothersome. When I saw the first group of dancers, however, I thought that I might have a coronary just watching them.

These were not step dancers – not like Uncle Johnny at the cabin after one too many dark and dirty’s when The Rovers come on the radio. These dancers are true athletes, who not only have to display amazing feats of physicality, but are forced to do it to music.

Most of us have trouble just lifting a leg to run, but try doing leg raise, toes pointed, while you are in mid air. The soccer players should have worked even half as hard as these dancers did. There is no way they would have had enough gas in the tank to cause a scene after the game.

Watching from the break at the stadium, I was wondering how the judges at Irish dance competitions step away from the amazement of watching the artistry and athleticism of the dancers to give technical scores. In figure skating you have time to register the jumps and flips, but these dancers are just way too fast.

Yes, these dancers compete. In fact, that is the reason for being of Irish dance. Just like the breakdancers of the early Eighties, Irish dancers have duels. For them, there is no question whether what they do is a sport. Just ask Silver himself.

So, I highly recommend that the Under 20 soccer teams play their game like Irish dancers.

If they did, they would leave all of their aggression on the field, just as the dancers left everything they had on the stage Thursday night. And they left a lot.

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