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Shawn Silver


Stepping out in Newfoundland Nov07-March 08
Michael Quinlan
Read PDF File: Travel and Culture Guide Article.pdf

Shawn Silver of is on a mission.The champion Irish step dancer wants the world to know about the bustling creative Irish community in Newfoundland Labrador.

Shawn was in Boston in November 2007 with Team Canada, a delegation of Atlantic Canadian businesses, who were here to develop ties and trade relations between Masachusetts and the Canadian maritime and atlantic provinces.

Silver's company, gives hundreds of workshops and concerts across Canada and around the world and has introduced Newfoundland to the exciting international world of Irish dance, competition and performance. He and his fellow step dancers showcased the island's dancing prowess during the conference at the Mariott Quincy Hotel, and were enthusiastically received by Boston's Irish community.

"Our goal is to introduce Newfoundland Labrador as a centre of excellence for Celtic dance, music and culture," Silver says. "We want Americans and the world to think of Newfoundland Labrador as a destination location for traditional Irish dance, music, and cultural enthusiasts."

Just as Massachusetts has marketed itself as an Irish destination in the USA, Shawn hopes to create a "Celtic Corridor"  running from New England, up through the Canadian Maritimes.

The connections between Ireland and Newfoundland are growing too.One of the highlights next summer in Newfoundland is the Festival of Friends, which takes place August 16th and 17th, 2008. This festival celebrates the rich Irish culture which exists in Logy Bay, Middle Cove Outer Cove NL (5 minutes from St. John's )  There will be plenty of Irish dancing, music and other cultural activities and will showcase Newfoundland Labrador's stunning natural beauty.

Silver, a native Newfoundlander comes from a strong traditional dance background, his grand father was a well known step dancer. He is the Provincial Canadian step dancing champion for 2007, and has won numerous awards for his dancing.

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