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Joy Mix from The Chicago American News

2008 Apr 12

..."iDANCE is Newfoundland's premiere centre of Irish dance excellence and Shawn Silver has an energy level hard to match, and the kind of confidence that comes from following a path you seem destined to travel." Joy Mix Chicago American News

Kyran Dwyer St. John's NL

2008 Apr 12

Shawn, I think it would be fantastic to get something happening with our students before school closes. The kids will love it. YOU HAVE UNLEASHED A MONSTER FOR OUR STUDENTS! WAY TO GO. Kryan Dwyer Principal, St. Matthew's Elementary

Randy Street East Port

2008 Apr 08

Shawn Many kind thanks for the absolutely wonderful workshop you did with the students at our school. You were a huge hit! My wife and I came to school this morning and watched a couple of the younger girls in the parking lot practising their foot work. Obviously you made a great impression. Again, kindest thanks. And, seriously, if either Gladys or I can help with any aspect of organization, ask. Randy

Chris Hillyard Gander

2008 Apr 03

Shawn's interactive Irish dance workshop at Gander Academy was definitely the highlight of our year. Shawn is a very energetic, talented and enthusiastic individual who has a natural ability to engage and capture the attention of all students regardless of gender, interest or ability. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the cross curricular educational workshop and students were stepping their way back to their classrooms after their sessions. The atmosphere that was created at Gander Academy was unbelievable. Students who we never thought would be interested in Irish dance surprised everyone. We are so thrilled that Shawn could bring this program to our school. It was an amazing experience for all. Students are still talking about Mr. Silver and they can't wait for him to visit again at Gander Academy. Chris Hillyard Music Teacher Gander Academy

Sara Sheehan Grand Falls Windsor

2008 Apr 01

Shawn, You are to be admired for your strength and passion. It is so overwhelming to have seen the effect that you had on the Community of Grand Falls-Windsor, from the schools, individual workshops to the party at Kelly's Pub!! My mind is actively planning what is only regret was you leaving. Can't wait to see you again. Much love and respect!!! Provincial Coordinator College of North Atlantic

Andrea Foote

2008 Apr 01

Shawn, I don't even know where to begin. This whole week has been such a blast. I was so impressed by not only your ability but your spirit as well. As sore as my legs are today all I could think was I need to practice! So we'll have to make something happen here in Grand Falls-Windsor so that when I brag to my friends that I've been taught Irish dancing, I'll have more than one routine to show them! :) Thank you so much for bringing Irish dancing to us and I hope to see you again soon.

Sheila Pomeroy New York

2008 Apr 01

"I admire what you are doing since I agree that Newfoundland, with all it's Irish culture, should definately have structured Irish Dance. I am just learning Irish dance here in New York...I kind of woke up and thought, "people actually do this for a living" and thought I'd also love to make my living from dance performance and teaching, and I wanted to write you to say thank you for finally bringing a standardized form of Irish dancing to Newfoundland!... Sheila Pomroy New York NY

Randy Street

2008 Mar 13

Many kind thanks for the absolutely wonderful workshop you did with the students at our school, Holy Cross, in Eastport. You were a huge hit! This morning we watched a couple of the students in the parking lot practising their foot work. Obviously you made an impression. Randy Street, Vice Principal Holy Cross Elementary

Deanne Handrigan

2008 Mar 06

Shawn,your talent is dancing, but your gift is reaching the children in a most positive and powerful way!! Continue your wonderful teaching. Just a little note to say Thank you for visiting St. Matthew's school. The children and the entire staff had a fantastic time. It was great Irish dancing with you. I hope you enjoy reading all your fan mail. The students made a book for you, 179 letters in total. I hope you enjoy reading them. Sincerely, Deanne Handrigan, Music director, St. Matthew's Elementary School.

Bobbie Flynn

2008 Jan 30

Hi There Brother, Hope everyday finds you feeling a little bit more chipper. Will be out to see ya the weekend

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