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Shawn Silver


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2012 Oct 05

Excellent website. Keep up the great work, love what you are doing!


2011 Jul 07

Hey Shawn, Thanks again for your work at Ashdale with the kids learning Irish Dance and NL culture. They thoroughly enjoyed your classes and cannot wait for you to return and develop a cross cultural dance culture with Perth Australia and St John's. We were so lucky to have someone as talented and gifted as you come and share your talents with us. Keep on dancing and see you again very soon. Your Aussie friends in Perth.

Ethan Bickford

2011 Apr 15

Hey, Shawn! Have fun in australia, I can't wait for you to come back to Brother Rice in June and teach us some more dance moves! I have to say, you're an awesome guy, you were always full of energy even when we accidentally kicked you in the leg! I will never forget you (kind of because my feet will never get over the abuse you put them through the past few days! Ha ha) You're amazing, Shawn, keep dancing and hopefully I'll be in your next dance class in September! Your buddy, Ethan.

gregory rogers

2010 Jan 28

hey shawn , remember me?... me and you dancing down in miss newells music room? just wanted to ask you something. where do you give lessons because i'm interested ! thanks gregory

kelli chislett

2010 Jan 27

Hi shawn..... i think you are a really good irish dancer and I hope we will see each other again you are the best irish dancer ever !!!!! <3 :)


2010 Jan 26

your awesome , today at school you were wickett (: . awesome job (:


2010 Jan 07

Hey Shawn, just wanted to say how much the Rice girls really enjoy the idance program. Keep up the good work and take care of your health.


2009 Oct 09

Your story is amazing and you have amazing talent. It just amazes me! Wow is all I can say!

Michaela Coombs

2009 Jul 01

Hii, you Came to my school for chorl Connections. It was so fuun! Hope to see you again next year !!


2009 Jun 13

Hey, this is Brian from Carbonear and I visted you at st.anne's you show us some great moves, Bye see you soon,

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