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Shawn Silver


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Christopher Newhook

2007 Jun 05

Shawn,I'm so glad I took the time to come up to the show at St. Anne's the other night, and in particular, got the chance to meet you. I was very impressed with all the talent there, as usual, but to see such honest excitement towards the students come from someone not from the area was a blessing and topped the night off nicely - the lemon on the edge of the glass, so to speak.

Lynne Henley

2007 Jun 03

Hi Shawn, Great job last night..proud to say that we are involved with your dance group! I believe you probably got the most life out of the audience..... The entire event was amazing. Tell the girls, "Great Job"

Duncan McIntosh

2007 Jun 01

Shawn, your website looks amazing! What a great studio. The energy on your site is terrific. I am going to Nfld. for a week after this years Conservatory in August and will look you up. I should take some "classes for tourists". Thanks, Duncan

Kathleen cox

2007 May 13

Hi Shawn, I wanted to write you a note to let you know about an absolutely phenomenal event that happened last night. For the last three weeks Holly has been attending Paradise Day camp. Every year during the last week of camp all of the campers put off a talent show for their family and friends. Holly usually performs a lip sync but this year she decided to perform an Irish dance. So, last night in front of approximately 200 people Holly stood on stage alone and performed her Irish dance. She was absolutely amazing. She was very nervous, but very focused and performed the whole dance with not one error. She wowed the audience. We were so proud of her and she was very proud of herself. We want to thank you for introducing her to Irish dance and for teaching her. Kathleen and Holly Cox

Kelley Symonds

2007 May 11

Hi, ACE (Advancement for Canadian Entrepreneurship)GFW arrived safely home at 4am this morning from our competition in Toronto. The presentation went really well, and we will have to wait until the judges comments arrive to see what we need to work on. I do want Shawn to know that his part of the presentation was well received and we are very grateful for his video. There were discussions about Shawn after our presentation was over because one of the judges had seen him and recognized him right away (very positive). Thank him for his generous financial donation. He has given us much and there are so many fringe benefits. Tell him that I was wearing his iDance pin as well, he was with us in spirit.Le t me know what ACE can do to help over the summer with Dance classes in Grand Falls Windsor.

Jill Curran Ferryland

2007 Apr 04

I hope you have your feet up today darling, cause God knows you danced them off this weekend.I’m sure your Ceili was great on Saturday night. Well God knows you were the hit at the Folk Arts Centre in Ferryland!! Everyone was talking about it. My great aunt Bernie (She’s 79) was there and came up to me after she thought I was a celeb because you kissed me. This is what she had to say Better than Riverdance I tell you, the dancing. My God weren’t they something I never seen the like. His wife was some beautiful, imagine the dancing when they goes to the times. Sure everyone must just sit back and watch.

Paula Hiscock

2007 Apr 02

Hi Shawn, I had most wonderful time at your dance workshop.Your energy, passion for the art ,and the great way you motivate everyone to perform and feel good about what they did was fantastic. I am looking forward to to more dancing in the future. Thanks Shawn. Paula Hiscock

Andrea Foote

2007 Apr 02

I thought you might like to see some of the snaps I took last night at Kelly's. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had. What an amazing week. I do hope we can set up something in Grand Falls-Windsor. I'm looking forward to it already! In as much as I am now so excited about Irish Dancing I was also so touched and inspired by your passion and spirit. You have a genuine soul and I feel very fortunate to have met you. Hope to see you again soon. Andrea

Kelley Symonds

2007 Apr 01

Hi Shawn. Everyone told me how energenic, wonderful, and talented you are; however, that description did not come close to the real live you! Come back soon.

Caroline Whelan

2007 Mar 27

Shawn, I had to write and tell you what an impact you have made on Cody. He hasn't stopped talking about you for days! I meant to write to you last night, but got too busy and then today when he came home with the t-shirt, I thought he would explode! He has the post card that you gave him and has shown it to everyone, especially the part where you called him "my buddy." Your post card and website look fabulous! Best of luck with all of this. I bet Cody is right, that you are "the best dancer in the world!" Caroline Whelan (Cody's Mom)

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